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We (Elvis Nature Tours) values our environment and costumers whom we seek to provide high class services, and products too, we have also understood the fragile nature of our Eco system/s, particularly the negative effects & their consequences which results from the action of man kind, such as miss used, over used, care less and do less effect, all of which can or does effect the environmental or organisms within their habitats.
Dominica, the nature islands, as commonly described, has not suffered large scaly habitat lost, compared to her sister islands, whom have sir-com to rapid development.   Dominica have benefited form the rouged mountainous terrain, hindering rapid development; however we have recognized aspect of our development, the aging civilization of Dominica and bad environmental practices, are some of the increasing pressure and risk looming Eco systems and organism.

We have also recognized the challenges confronting today's environment, which is by far grater, then of the past or that of yester year
we (Elvis Nature Tours) is committing to seeking positive changes, further understanding, promoting environmental best practices, environmental awareness, best practices action plans and   sustainability policies.
We committed to using our mission statement as the foundation and guide throughout our operation, the service/s we provides, and the product we offers; therein also we are further committed to Communicating and promoting our mission statement throughout our operation, services, and products, also our mission statement or part of our mission statement, we will seek to incorporates it into all aspects of ongoing, and future operations, services and products we undertake, intend to undertake, in collaboration, standing Steadfast with our mission statement.  
We are committed provide honest, reliable, educative, informed and competitive Tours, services and products
We are committed to communication our mission statement, to all stakeholders
We are committed to providing jobs to qualified, skill, trained, reliable, honest and local people of Dominica throughout our operation, services and products
We are committed communicating and collaborations with schools, collages, universities, groups, organizations, etc, on matter of natural history and environmental protection from traditional and scientific angles , no matter your race, color or class
We are committed to Protection, conservation, education, of Dominica natural history, cultures, arts, Eco system, habitats   &   organisms   (Flora & Fauna)
We committed to a chemical free environment, reduction or elimination of harmful chemical, promotion of environmentally friendly services and products.
We are committed to promotion and education of clean air emission
We are committed to reducing waste, appropriate disposal of waste generation, reusing and recycling waste where possible, without compromising health and safety
We are committed to conservation, protection and Education of water, water shields, use of water, importance of water, best practices of water and water saving devises and technologies available today
We are Committed to reducing or eliminating our dependence Fossil fuels, throughout our operation, services and products; therefore we see the need to strive for green, environmentally friendly, sustainable energy
We are committed to promote Dominica its culture, natural history, people, Attraction, places of interest and local food
We are committed to promote safety, good health & wellness
We are committed to promote environmental conservation, greenery, sustainability, protection, and Eco friendly product and services
We are committed to assess our environmental aspect, impact, best practices policies, program and plans annually, proactively taking steps in the benefits the environment throughout our operation, services & Products  
We committed to publishing of our annual environmental goal archives, best practices and policies on our websites, products and services
Finally, we are committed to emerging our mission statement with our employee and company policies  

Elvis Stedman-founder of Elvis Nature Tours
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